Welcome to the Brunswick Police RPG!

Welcome to the Brunswick Police Department RPG a collaborative writing group striving to write a realistic police procedural story. In order to accomplish our goal, there will be an open period given to write about the lives of our characters both on and off duty throughout our in-character year.

Members will be able to have multiple characters in various roles. In order to maintain realism, a schedule will be maintained by our staff and published to be followed by writers. This will allow for continuity in events going on within the city and ensure that officers are following the same schedule for the greatest opportunity to have a great collaborative writing experience.

BPD is based on the City of Brunswick, Georgia in that for the purposes of locations and mapping we will use Google Maps and that city. This is a purely fictional storyline and the operations of our department, our city, and any in-character story is not meant to be a direct simulation of these actual places or agencies.

For more information please check out the wiki and our rules.

All members must be 18 or older to join.

Latest Mission Posts

» Movin' In

Mission: April
Posted on 06 Jul 2019 @ 00:32 by Investigator Simon North & Investigator Alice Dubois

Simon loved his brother Steven more than almost anyone in the world but living his apartment for the past four months had caused a strain in their relationship. The apartment was a two-bedroom, but neither bedroom was particularly large and Steven had been using them both before Simon had moved…

» Morning Briefing

Mission: April
Posted on 05 Jul 2019 @ 11:03 by Lieutenant Charles Kent & Corporal Kevin Roe & Police Officer Tara Hansen & Police Officer Brian Nagare

"Good morning everyone," Lieutenant Kent said, entering the briefing room. "Take your seats we have a light briefing this morning so let's get it done so you can get out on the road." He stood at the podium and placed the paper he was carrying down on the podium in…

» Packing Day

Mission: April
Posted on 14 Jun 2019 @ 18:11 by Police Officer Brian Nagare

Brian got back from his daily exercise - and got back to the fun job of packing his condo. After a bit of discussion between the two, he would be moving into her larger house. Still, he would be giving away half of his furniture, and they were still in…

» Getting Settled

Mission: April
Posted on 11 Jun 2019 @ 11:56 by Investigator Emma Yost

Emma sat in the drive way of the home that she had just rented, her german shepherd, Rose, whined in the backseat reminding Emma that she still needed to feed the pup. Sliding out of the driver's seat, she grabbed Rose's lead and got her out of the car, gave…

» Procrastinate Now, Don't Put it Off Part 1

Mission: April
Posted on 09 Jun 2019 @ 21:26 by Investigator Alice Dubois & Police Officer Tara Hansen

Tara got the dog situated in her car and pulled out of the pot heading towards home. She looked at the time and the temperature outside. She decided that there was better things to do than head home. So she’d head there but for a quick change and going off…