Welcome to the Brunswick Police RPG!

Welcome to the Brunswick Police Department RPG a collaborative writing group striving to write a realistic police procedural story. In order to accomplish our goal, there will be an open period given to write about the lives of our characters both on and off duty throughout our in-character year.

Members will be able to have multiple characters in various roles. In order to maintain realism, a schedule will be maintained by our staff and published to be followed by writers. This will allow for continuity in events going on within the city and ensure that officers are following the same schedule for the greatest opportunity to have a great collaborative writing experience.

BPD is based on the City of Brunswick, Georgia in that for the purposes of locations and mapping we will use Google Maps and that city. This is a purely fictional storyline and the operations of our department, our city, and any in-character story is not meant to be a direct simulation of these actual places or agencies.

For more information please check out the wiki and our rules.

All members must be 18 or older to join.

Latest News Items

» Recruitment Update

Posted on 19 Sep 2019 @ 14:31 by Corporal Kevin Roe in Sim Announcement

In order to attempt to increase the activity and interaction between the various members recruitment will now be shifting focus to patrol division only. Experienced characters who have the appropriate experience and time in service in the biography will be eligible for transfer and promotion when other areas of the department open.

Active members with a character in the patrol division may contact the GM regarding a second character within another division of the department if desired. All existing characters are grandfathered into their current positions.

Any questions can be directed to the Game Master via email, contact form, or Discord.


» Never Forget

Posted on 11 Sep 2019 @ 10:22 by Corporal Kevin Roe in Out of Character

We remember the fallen and thank those who responded.
-Stephen, GM & NYS Paramedic

Latest Mission Posts

» Down Time

Mission: April
Posted on 12 Oct 2019 @ 23:11 by Investigator Emma Yost

Emma finished her shift and headed home. Rose was probably going nuts and needed to go for a walk. Climbing into her car, she tossed her bag into the passenger seat and headed home. She had some work that she still needed to work on.

Pulling into her driveway, Emma…

» Mismatch

Mission: April
Posted on 09 Oct 2019 @ 21:50 by Police Officer Tara Hansen & Public Safety Dispatcher Henrietta Thomas & Police Officer Brian Nagare

"Three-two-nine, justice," Tara called, over her mobile radio. She'd been at the station changing some equipment and while heading back north she followed a vehicle that hit on her License Plate Reader. She ran the plate and it came back to a different vehicle and so when the car pulled…

» Patroling the park

Mission: April
Posted on 06 Oct 2019 @ 18:52 by Investigator Emma Yost

Emma smiled "I'll drive." She said as she slid her notebook into her satchel "Whenever you're ready." She said.

He started to toss the car keys to her but thought better of it. Instead, he crossed the short distance between them and dropped them in her hand. "I'm ready now,"…

» Morning Routines

Mission: April
Posted on 11 Sep 2019 @ 10:40 by Corporal Kevin Roe & Samantha Roe

Kevin came into the kitchen he smelled breakfast and coffee and smiled. Fresh out of the shower and dressed in civilian clothes badge and gun attached to his belt he walked up behind Sam and wrapped his arms around her and gave a kiss to her neck.

"Good morning, beautiful,"…

» Court Adjourned

Mission: April
Posted on 31 Aug 2019 @ 10:47 by Corporal Kevin Roe & Police Officer Travis Swiggert & Police Officer Ana Lacasa-Vasquez

"301 Justice," Kevin called, via his radio as he pulled into the parking lot. "I'll be at headquarters available."

"Justice received," the dispatcher responded.

Two of the platoon's officers were at court this morning and had not been present for the morning briefing and had been mistakenly left off the…