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Police Officer Tara Hansen

Name Tara Hansen

Position Patrol Officer

Rank Police Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 108lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Father Ethan Hansen
Mother Renee Hansen
Brother(s) James Hansen (older)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tara is very outgoing and extroverted she likes to come off as one of the guys. She enjoys her job although isn't sure where she wants to take it long term. She is very driven and once she has a goal will not stop chasing it. She is a bit opinionated and sometimes her bluntness gets her in trouble.

At home, she's a secret foodie and loves to cook, bake, and experiment.
Ambitions To have a great time and enjoy her job she really isn't sure what career path she wants to follow.
Hobbies & Interests Tara lives at the beach she loves to lay out in the sun, she is an avid swimmer, and builds the occasional sand castle. She was a State Champion Tennis player in High School and can still be found out on the court from time to time.

Personal History

Personal History Tara grew up on Jekyll Island in Glynn County, GA, the same as Brunswick. She grew up in the family home on the same property as a small retreat/spa/resort the family owned on the Atlantic Ocean. Tara spent her time as a teenager working the family business and hanging out with friends from Jekyll as well as Brunswick where she attended High School at the Glynn Academy.

In High School, she was known to be a bit of a tom-boy she had quite a few relationships throughout her time there. She was a member of the Marine JROTC program and served as Battalion Commander throughout her senior year graduating as a Cadet Colonel. She also was a member of the Varsity Tennis team which won state championships all four years she was a member of the team. In addition to those groups she also participated in Student Government and a local service organization called the Leo's Club International.

Upon graduation of High School, she went off to the US Marine Corps. her contract giving her the rank of Lance Corporal and the MOS of Special Communications Signals Collection Operator/Analyst. Unfortunately, during boot camp, she blew out her knee and after being rephased three times she was discharged medically from the Marine Corps.

Tara returned home and went through the rest of her recovery and had surgery on the knee. After over a year's recovery, she managed to get back out running and playing tennis.

Not getting cleared to back into the service she took the Public Safety Dispatcher test and was hired by Brunswick Police Department as a dispatcher. She served in that position while attending community college and on her twenty-first birthday, she applied to take the Police Officer test being given later in the year.

Tara attended the very next academy and her knee held up without issue. CPL Kevin Roe was her Field Training Officer during her FTO time. She has since completed her probationary period and serves within the Patrol Division. She currently is not a member of any special teams, however, she is looking at joining the Marine Unit.

Department File

Shield Number 239
Platoon Assignment Administration
Qualifications Patrol Officer
Marine Unit
Assault Rifle