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Samantha Roe

Name Samantha Jean Roe

Position City of Brunswick Resident/Employee

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Corporal Kevin Roe

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam is a really positive person, she always finds that silver lining when something goes wrong. She is a loyal friend and she is also a very curious person, just asking questions of others because she likes to get to know people and understand how different people think. She is a morning person and very good with arts and crafts.
Ambitions Sam is a high school art teacher, and she wants to see her students succeed. She has been thinking about becoming a curriculum developer for the school district, or maybe one day becoming a part of the school board. She has also always wanted to be a mother and, now that she's happily married, is looking forward to having children soon.
Hobbies & Interests Sam is a very artsy person, she loves to sketch and paint. She keeps a journal that she draws in and organizes her schedule with, and also a small sketch book for when she takes walks and gets inspired by the world around her. She is also very interested in science-fiction movies and tv shows.

Personal History

Personal History Sam was born and raised in Brunswick, GA. Her dad is a pharmaceutical representative for a big pharma company, and her mother is a dentist. She was raised a Catholic, her mom and dad always took her to mass from a very young age, but when she got to be in high school, they let her decide for herself if religion was important to her, as her parents fought more and more, it seemed it was becoming less and less important to them. She goes on holy days and holidays, whenever she feels like she should go, but isn't as devout as she was when she was younger.

Sam loved to get messy, when she was little she was always getting her dresses dirty, she was always putting her hands in mud and splashing in puddles. No matter how much her mom wanted to make her into a really girly girl, it seemed the more she tried, the more Sam resisted. Sam hated pink, glitter, dolls, the whole nine yards, and rather liked to spend her time with her best friend Allie, who was also a big tomboy. Allie's grandma had a farm and Allie would often take Sam over and they would help take care of the horses and brush them. Sam was always interested in learning how to draw, she loved drawing everything she could see and would get books and watch videos on how to draw certain objects.

She went to St. Francis Xavier Catholic School from Pre-K through 8th grade. Her favorite class was of course art class, but she also enjoyed English and History, anything to do with a lot of reading and writing. Math and science were her absolute worst subjects because they were more difficult for her to understand, but she was a good student and worked hard at her studies. She started cheerleading in 5th grade and became cheer captain in the 7th grade. She liked the other girls that cheered with her and they would all often hang out together and have sleepovers and it was a great form of unity and stability for her.

Sam attended Glynn Academy for her high school years. She continued to excel in history and English and even her Spanish and P.E. classes, but science and math still continued to be an uphill battle. Still, she studied hard so that she could get into a good school when she graduated. She joined the Art Club right away, and found her solace there twice a week. She joined the Spirit Club as well, because she loved cheerleading and was really good at that. At her mother's insistence, when she started 10th grade, she also joined Future Georgia Educators, a club that helped students who were considering future careers as teachers get experience.

Just as Sam started at Glynn Academy when she was fifteen, Sam found out that her dad had been cheating on her mom, and that her mom wanted a divorce. They'd sat her down two weeks before the start of school to tell her they were still figuring things out, but that her dad was going to be transferred to his company's larger office in Savannah, that he was moving there. Her freshman year, her parents fought back and forth over how much time they should get with her, what holidays she should spend with them, and often used her to get information about the other. It made her upset with both of them.

When she was in 10th grade, her mom told her if she wanted to go to college for her art, she was going to go for an educational degree in art, not just art--that she was going to be a teacher, and not an artist. This is when she signed up for FGE Club, and when she started to resent her mother even more. Her mother never took her passion for art seriously, always insisted it was a hobby and not something she should try and make a living off of. While her dad agreed, he was less forceful about it.

Sam started working at the deli in Brunswick during her senior year, wanting to save up some of her own money so that she didn't have to always ask her parents for things and that she could get some of her own things for college the following year. She loved her boss, she became good friends with her and they worked well together. She applied to the College of Coastal Georgia to be an Art Education major, even though she didn't want to teach, because she knew it was the only way her parents would pay for her education. Even though both of her parents disapproved, she moved in with Kevin the summer after her freshman year.

The summer before her freshman year she was working her last three months in Brunswick at the deli where she met Kevin Roe. He came into the deli often, most often in his police uniform, and she found him very handsome, even though he was quiet. It was hard for her to get him to open up at first, but they became close and started dating only a few weeks after they first met. She would spend most of her free time with him, when she wasn't working at the deli or doing homework, even if it pissed her mother off. If he didn't have off, she would drop off some food for him, or leave him a note and a drawing at his desk. She tried to see him as often as she could.

While at college, she did her best to put her parent's divorce aside and focus on her studies. She loved her art classes, the education classes she did well in, and over time, she started to picture herself working with older students, sharing her passion with them. She tried out for the CCG Cheerleading team her freshman year and was accepted. Between cheer practice, Art Club, classes, her relationship with Kevin, and traveling between parents, life was pretty busy for Sam, but she made good grades and made the President's List (meaning she got a 4.0 GPA) all eight semesters of college. She continued to work at the deli and also worked on some paintings that she was able to sell online. At the end of four years, she graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Art Education and a concentration in Studio Art.

After graduation, Sam applied to be an Art teacher at Glynn Academy and was hired, because they needed someone to teach studio art as a part of their Fine Art curriculum which was heavily based in music and drama. She took over the reigns for the Art Club as well, remembering her time at high school in Art Club, needing art more than anything else. She has been teaching there for the last year and will be teaching there again at the start of the school year. She tries to help her students with more than just school and extra-curriculars and is very supportive of them. The last two years she was successful in putting on four art shows for her students, one each semester, where parents could come and look at their student's work. She also spends a lot of time working on her own art and has sold a few pieces here and there.

Department File

Platoon Assignment Not Applicable