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Investigator Simon North

Name Simon North

Position Investigator

Rank Investigator

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Half Hispanic Half Anglo
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description :Simon is just a shade over five feet ten. He has lithe sinewy build with a well-toned frame and core. He’ll never be mistaken for a weight lifter though he looks more like a swimmer or a gymnast. Even though his name is quite Anglo and gives no hint of his hybrid genetic heritage, his appearance makes it quite evident. His olive complexion and dark brown, almost black hair are the main are an indicator of that.

His warm hazel eyes are both inquisitive and inviting at the same time. Coupled with his warm and engaging smile, make him quite the charmer and more than one woman and an occasional man have described him as easy on the eyes.

More often than not, at least when he can get away with it, he has a day or two’s growth on his face, or the beginning of a beard (though he seldom grows a full one) His hair is worn short, not quite a crew cut, but close.

Since he is a detective, he’s usually in plain clothes. The only time he wears his uniform is for a funeral. He will wear a suit when he has to, but he prefers jeans and polo or Hawaiian shirts.


Spouse None
Children none
Father Jack North 65
Mother Gloria North nee Mendoza 66
Brother(s) Steven 30, Paul 28
Sister(s) Gabriella 21
Other Family/Acquaintances Various uncles, aunts cousins, etc.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Just like his smile Simon is generally a nice, warm, welcoming man. While he doesn’t always follow all the rules, which has gotten him in trouble in the past, he does have a strong moral compass and tries to treat everyone equally. He is for the most part pretty easy-going. However, he’s always abhorred bullies and stood up for the defenseless. While he would rather talk his way out of a situation, he’s not afraid to be confrontational and he’s gotten in his share of fights.

His mentor and good friend Ryan Hammer taught him to follow the evidence, no matter where it takes you and he always strives to do so. He’s in no way psychic or telepathic, but he is pretty intuitive and has an excellent bullshit detector. So, he is reasonably sure when someone is lying to him.

He’s worked undercover half a dozen times and enjoyed the experiences. He’s a decent actor, so in addition to his liking doing that, he’s also pretty good at it.

Simon has a strong moral compass at the core of his being, which helps shape his world view and his actions. That means that he doesn’t cut corners and would never cross the line of planting or concocting evidence no matter how much he thinks someone might be guilty. Nor would he tolerate another officer who did, or one that engaged in brutality. At the same time, he doesn’t always play by the rules or follow every departmental regulations. He’s been known to take a risk or two and has a bit of a well-deserved gunslinger reputation. This was something of an asset when he was a Texas Ranger, it is less so with his new department.

He is tenacious and never gives up on a case. That is certainly a strength when it comes to his professional life, but can be a weakness on the personal side since failing to solve a case, or worse yet, solving a case but having the culprit get away eats at him.

He tends to speak his mind which sometimes gets him in trouble when he does so in inappropriate situations.

He has a fear of heights. He could live in a High Rise and flying or riding a roller coaster doesn’t bother him but, he would never willingly skydive, and getting on a Ferris wheel would make him very uncomfortable.

He is highly competitive and hates to lose.

Hobbies & Interests He enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking and snow skiing. He’s not a big hunter, but he does love fishing.

He’ll go out for a round of drinks with a few friends but really isn’t a party animal. He likes playing pool. He’s a sports fan and will watch almost any game, but really only closely follows college and pro football and baseball. As a transplanted Texan, he’s still a fan of the Cowboys and Texans. Baseball he’s a San Francisco Giants fan.

Besides watching sports, he also likes to play them. He played Second Base when he was at Sam Houston State.

He enjoys reading, watching TV and is a decent enough cook.

Personal History

Personal History Jack North was a successful attorney who worked in the litigation department of a major and prestigious law firm in Dallas Texas. He met and fell madly in love with Gloria Mendoza a rising artist in the same city. After a brief, but torrid affair, the two of them wed in November of 1984.
Six months later, after winning a high profile case against an airline after a tragic plane crash, Jack decided he’d found his new cash cow and started his own firm specializing in going after big airlines. It was something of a niche market, but it was also a global impact. He became even more successful on his own than he had been with his big firm. However, it also meant he was sleeping in a motel, sometimes halfway around the world, six nights out of seven.

He was home long enough to sire four children, but it fell to Gloria to actually raise them. The money put them in the top 1%, which meant they lived in a large, ten thousand square foot home in a gated Country Club with the best clothes, food, and toys.

For the sake of the children, Gloria put up with with the long-distance marriage until August 2002 when she discovered, quite by accident, that Jack was having an affair with his paralegal. At first he denied it, but eventually, he admitted to it, claimed he’d found the love of his life and asked for a divorce.

He moved to Chicago. Simon, who was twelve and the eldest of the three had been given a choice as to who he wanted to live with. It was an easy choice for him. He stayed with the mother he knew over the dad who he didn’t.

The big home was sold and they moved into a new place, still a very spacious 3,000 square feet but sans tennis court, home theater wine cellar and panic room. The new neighborhood was far from sketchy, but it was far less posh and there was no Country Club.

Jack was still generous with his money and bought Simon a new BMW 325i for his sixteenth birthday

There was no more private school, but that was more a choice that Gloria and her children made as opposed to not having sufficient funds. Jack offered to pay not only for any private school they wanted to go to and he offered to pay for their colleges, especially if any of his kids decided to follow in his footsteps.

The only one who showed any interest was Steven, but when he came out as Gay when he was fifteen, Jack changed his mind and told Steven that unless he changed he’d be cut off. The rest of the family supported Steven. The rather tenuous family relationship became even more estranged.

Simon, who was especially close to his brother, took it so far as to refuse any more financial help from his father and even returned the car. He went to Sam Houston State, on a baseball scholarship and pursued a degree in criminal justice.

After getting his BS in Criminal Justices, he joined the Texas Department of Public Safety and became a State Trooper. After two years he was accepted to the SIS, Special Investigation Section He spent five years there plus a one year stint in the OCS Organized Crime Section, before applying for and being accepted as a Texas Ranger.

He had been in that position for two years when his brother Steve, who had moved to Brunswick Georgia and was a criminal defense attorney was himself arrested for allegedly murdering a client. So Simon took some vacation time and flew to Brunswick. He had thought that the police there might have just assumed that his brother was guilty and wouldn’t have completed a very thorough investigation. So he was prepared to do his own investigation.

He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were professional and weren’t locked into Steven as the only suspect. This despite the fact that he was not particularly well liked by them. He was allowed to help investigate and was instrumental in finding the real culprit, one of Steven’s other clients.

Having just handled a rather stressful human trafficking case, where he had found three pre-teen girls dead just prior to his coming out to help his brother he was starting to feel burned out. But he still wanted to stay in law enforcement. He knew of course that no place was perfect, even a place as idyllic as Brunswick, but he thought he would like the slower pace. There was an opening in the investigations division and he applied for and was accepted into that position.

Department File

Shield Number 65
Platoon Assignment Bravo One
Qualifications BS Criminal Justice Sam Houston State Univesity
Two years Texas State Trooper
Five years SIS Special Investigation Section Texas DPS
One year Organized Crimes Section Texas DPS
Two years Texas Ranger
Undercover experience
Service Record Nov 17 2018-Present City of Brunswick Investigator