Newly Weds

Posted on 12 May 2019 @ 23:04 by Corporal Kevin Roe & Samantha Roe
Edited on on 12 May 2019 @ 23:12

Mission: April
Location: Home of the Roes
Timeline: 1 APR 2019, 0102

Kevin closed and locked the front door having brought in the last of their luggage which he left by the door. He made his way into the kitchen where his wife was standing by a counter with a bottle of water in her hand and the other on the counter waiting for him.

“I”m glad we scheduled our return on the start of the company’s days off,” he said, with a slight yawn as he walked toward her.

Sam was happy to be home. She’d had a wonderful honeymoon. She loved Bondi Beach--the clear blue water, the warm weather, laying in the sand with her new husband--her honeymoon was everything she could have wished for. However, after the long day of traveling back from Australia, it felt good to be home.

She smiled. “Me too. I’m not quite ready to give you up yet.”

She was definitely going to miss him when he went back to work. She’d enjoyed being with him all day, every day, and even though she had her own job to get back to, she was glad she’d still get to have some time with him while he was off.

“Well we have a lot of work to do the next couple of days, unpacking, paperwork, getting things started to get your name all changed,” he said, leaning down and kissing her lips gently. “But all worth it.”

Sam grinned as he kissed her, she put her free hand on his chest and kissed him back. “Definitely worth it.” She agreed. She couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Kevin Roe, on paper. Kevin was the man she’d always dreamed of marrying when she was a little girl, all she could have hoped for and more.

“But now….we relax.” She knew he was tired, too. They deserved to linger in their honeymoon bliss for as long as they could.

“I’m not sure I could fall asleep right now,” he sighed. “Australian time has grown on me. It feels good to stand up and stretch after the planes though.” He opened up his water and took a large sip before putting it back down the lid next to it.

She nodded. “Jetlag will have me disoriented for a while. We don’t have to sleep….I could make us something to eat if you’re hungry?” She asked him.

“I’m not very hungry and the fridge is empty we stopped grocery shopping, remember?” he said. They’d been away for two weeks on their honeymoon not including the day they spent at the bed and breakfast after they were married and travel time. Altogether they’d been gone from their home about three weeks.

“Oh, that’s right…” She’d forgotten. “Well...what do you want to do?” She asked him. It was probably a good idea to try and fight the sleepiness and go to bed at a regular hour. She guessed they could get a head start on unpacking, even though that was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

“Why don’t we just relax in the living room?” he suggested. “Oh, you know what today is?” he asked, glancing down at his watch to check to make sure he’d had the right door. Kevin took another sip of his water as he looked in her eyes to see if she’d remember.

Sam was about to agree that relaxing in the living room sounded fine to her. She took a step toward the living room and then turned around to face him again. Something told her she should know, but it took her a few seconds before she remembered. She went to him with a knowing smile.

“The day we first met.” She said quietly.

“Five years ago,” he said, pulling her close. “I love you.”