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Getting Settled

Posted on 11 Jun 2019 @ 11:56 by Investigator Emma Yost
Edited on on 11 Jun 2019 @ 12:05

Mission: April
Location: Yost Home
Timeline: 1 April 2019

Emma sat in the drive way of the home that she had just rented, her german shepherd, Rose, whined in the backseat reminding Emma that she still needed to feed the pup. Sliding out of the driver's seat, she grabbed Rose's lead and got her out of the car, gave her a few minutes to go potty before they headed into the house and Emma could grab the few things that she had packed in the trunk to get them settled for the evening, her parents and sister would be arriving the next morning with a moving truck and the rest of her belongings. Her first duty shift was two days later, with Brunswick Police Department as one of their crime scene investigators.

Emma smiled as Rose ran around the empty house like a maniac. Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, she took a moment to take in the house and then went out and started moving the boxes into the house. The important documents she would need to start work and a few clothes to get her through. Emma took a seat on the floor with a sandwich and watched Rose eat her dry food. Emma took a moment to reflect on how she had gotten to this point.

Seven years earlier, Emma sat on the floor of her room at the Police Academy. She was studying to become an crime scene investigator, however to attain that goal she had to complete the police academy and pass all of the tests and other requirements before she could specialize in investigations. 21 weeks later, she graduated from the academy and continued her training at a local university specializing in forensic sciences which would lead her to what she wanted to do. While attending school to complete the Forensic Sciences program, she worked with the local police department as an officer, with the agreement that once she completed her degree, she would become an investigator.

And now here she was a crime scene investigator, with six years under her belt, she was working on training Rose to be a sniffer dog to help in her work, but for now, Rose was happy to be a puppy and just be wild and crazy. Getting up and putting her plate in the sink and rolled out her sleeping back and turned out the lights and fell asleep so that she could be up when everyone showed up in the morning.


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