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Packing Day

Posted on 14 Jun 2019 @ 18:11 by Police Officer Brian Nagare

Mission: April
Location: Brian's Old Combo
Timeline: 2 APR 2019, 1225

Brian got back from his daily exercise - and got back to the fun job of packing his condo. After a bit of discussion between the two, he would be moving into her larger house. Still, he would be giving away half of his furniture, and they were still in discussion about where to store his wood working equipment.

Allison didn't want it in the house, but the yard would require some work to set up a ventilated shed for some of the varnish. Still.. it would let them save some money, and the two were working on saving up money for a marriage anyway.

Brian looked at the half bare condo, and focused on it. He had only a day left, and his parents wanted him to drop by Charleston on his next two days off. Really, he should work faster.


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