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Morning Briefing

Posted on 05 Jul 2019 @ 11:03 by Lieutenant Charles Kent & Corporal Kevin Roe & Police Officer Tara Hansen & Police Officer Brian Nagare

Mission: April
Location: Headquarters, Briefing Room
Timeline: 4 APR 2019, 0700

"Good morning everyone," Lieutenant Kent said, entering the briefing room. "Take your seats we have a light briefing this morning so let's get it done so you can get out on the road." He stood at the podium and placed the paper he was carrying down on the podium in front of him.

"Portal is up to date with the ops plan for the day so you can pull it up on your MDT once you go in service," he said, as he scanned the printed version he had in front of him.

"Let's go over the lineup first... I'll be your shift commander and on duty for the entire day shift in 300. Your patrol supervisor is going to be Corporal Roe, on the air as 301. Investigations Unit is on call until nine and will be in service for the remainder. Our Marine Unit is out of service until further notice due to maintenance issues county is covering. K9 will be provided by the second platoon and on call only if needed give 301 a shout if you need a dog." He looked up and around the room to see if anyone seemed to be lagging or have a question.

Brian was taking mental notes on this. So far, so good.

"Assignments... Hansen you'll be the north car in 329, Nagare South 318, Thomas 322 East, White 311 West, and Rodriguez Citywide in 320. Questions?"

"Mary Ross Park has been an issue for vehicle break-ins. Nagare and White this makes it your primary response area... keep an eye out. Patrol will take all initial complaints and investigations will follow up throughout the day. Got it?" he asked, looking directly to Nagare and White.

Brian nodded. "Got it, Lieutenant." That, though, would put a damper on the day. Well, not much of one.

White nodded and gave the lieutenant a thumbs up.

"Does anyone else have any questions for me?"

When there was no response he looked directly at Tara, "you okay? You're being awfully quiet."

"I just thought I'd beg you for a better assignment in private," Tara teased.

Charlie shook his head, "Kevin you have anything?"

"No sir," Kevin said. "Be safe, don't congregate, and remember to read over the Chief's message on the ops plan. I don't want to hear about any violations on my watch... I'm looking for a promotion," he teased.

With some laughs and an eye roll or two, the officers began to collect their things.

"Get to work," the Lieutenant said.


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