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Posted on 09 Oct 2019 @ 21:50 by Police Officer Tara Hansen & Public Safety Dispatcher Henrietta Thomas & Police Officer Brian Nagare

Mission: April
Location: Starling ST & Wesley AVE
Timeline: 4 APR 2019, 10:04

"Three-two-nine, justice," Tara called, over her mobile radio. She'd been at the station changing some equipment and while heading back north she followed a vehicle that hit on her License Plate Reader. She ran the plate and it came back to a different vehicle and so when the car pulled off Atlanta Ave down a side street, Starling St, she decided to stop it.

"Three-two-nine," the Dispatcher, an older woman named Henrietta, answered.

"Two-nine I'm out with a suspicious vehicle a Blue Chevy Cobalt bearing Georgia Hotel-Alpha-Alpha-Seven-Five-Four-Four. The plate is on the wrong vehicle send me a second unit," she requested.

"Copy, Justice to Three-One-Eight," she called, seeing that Officer Nagare despite being the South End car was the closest available backup unit.

"Three-one-eight." Nagare responded, as he patrolled the area.

"Respond to backup two-nine with a suspicious vehicle Starling & Wesley."

"One-eight, responding." Brian was a bit laconic, and started towards there, toggling his sirens to on. Normally he'd try to avoid them, but with traffic the way it was there, he would need it to get there in any acceptable time frame.

Once he arrived, he parked the car, and carefully approached the scene.

Tara was out of the car talking to the driver but hearing the car pull up she glanced toward him and then returned her attention to the driver. She took the paperwork the driver had on the vehicle as well as their ID and walked back to her car where she met with Brian.

"So the license plates are expired and come back to a different vehicle. They're claiming it is a DMV mistake and gave me these," she said, holding up the papers. "So let's have a look?" She opened up the driver door of her car and got in rolling the window down so she could talk to Brian while she began looking through the papers.

Brian nodded, standing and keeping his eyes on the car from where he stood. He knew that most stops he participated in weren't really all that dangerous, but you really never knew if you didn't pay attention and while he kept his posture in a ready stance, he didn't brandish his gun. He just hoped that it wouldn't be a major mess.

"I don't think the papers are real..." Tara said, as she looked through them. She handed them out to him so that he could take a look as she began to run the VIN that she'd written down from the car.

Brian pursed his lips as he looked through them. They looked good, but there were a few problems. Namely, the DMV locally had only a few workers, and he'd seen enough of these papers to see that the writing was.. off. Off enough he'd agree with Tara just by looking, but he frowned. The seal was wrong. It'd pass a casual inspection, but once you knew to look, it was very wrong.

"The seal's wrong. The writing seems off." Brian sighs. "Did either of the passengers look like they had a gun?"

"No, I think they used their old plates from another car for this one. Looks like it was purchased a month ago and there was a temporary plate assignment from the dealer the bill of sale is. I bet they didn't want to pay for new tags," she said, as she scrolled through the DMV return on her MDT.

Brian rolled his eyes. "So instead of a ticket for expired tags.. arrest for forging documents." He murmured quietly. "Got it. I'll follow your lead."

"Looks that way," Tara sighed. She grabbed the radio mic from the console. "Two-Nine, Justice. I'll need an impound."

"Impound to scene for two-nine, received," Henrietta responded.

"There are just the two in the car both are going to be placed under because one is driving the car and the other is the owner. We can figure out the exact charges for each back at the station," she told him. She pulled the handle on the door and popped it waiting for him to move so she could open it and get out.

Brian nodded, getting out of the way and waiting for Tara to get out before approaching the car with her. They had to have a good suspicion of what was going to happen, so he was being as vigilant as he could be. With any luck, they'd just come quietly, and they could get them to the station.

Tara approached the car and stood behind the door, "ma'am, can you step out please?" she asked the driver. "Sir, if you could just keep your hands on the dashboard," she directed her husband in the passenger seat.

The woman looked up at her and her face grew angry, "for what?" she demanded.

"The documents you've given me are fraudulent and the vehicle is not registered. Please exit the vehicle, ma'am. We'll be placing you under arrest and impounding the vehicle."

Brian moved to stand near the husband, but not within immediate arms reach. It was usually a bad idea to be so close when making a stop.

The woman scoffed at her, "you can't be serious."

"Ma'am, please exit the vehicle," Tara said firmly.

"How could you possibly..." she began, angrily.

"Ma'am!" Tara interrupted. "Exit the vehicle please, this is the last time I'll ask."

The woman opened the door and slowly got out she turned around, this wasn't her first offense, she knew the drill.

Tara took her hands and brought them together before securing the handcuffs. She walked her to the back of her vehicle and then asked her about anything in her pockets that might hurt her before she started to search her. Once she completed the search she found nothing and had her sit on the front bumper of the patrol car.

The woman remained silent the entire time and didn't respond when Tara asked if she understood her rights after reading them to her. She asked twice more and then said she assumed her silence was a yes and then placed her in the back of the car.

"Two-nine Justice, one female under," she advised, over the radio. "Go ahead, Brian," she said, approaching the car again.

Brian nodded, then addressed the man. "Sir, please step out of the vehicle." The man grumbled, but seeing that the other person was under arrest, decided that also fighting this was not in his best interest. As Brian began to put the handcuffs on, he repeated the previous process of asking about anything the pockets, searching him, then reading out his rights. This one answered yes after the second attempt, and after that, when Brian placed him in the back, he then radioed in. "One-eight Justice, one male under."

He looked at Tara for a moment "Think we should search the car now, or wait until impound?"

"We can search it now," she said. "Why don't you secure him in the car and we can get going with it."


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