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Court Adjourned

Posted on 31 Aug 2019 @ 10:47 by Corporal Kevin Roe & Police Officer Travis Swiggert & Police Officer Ana Lacasa-Vasquez

Mission: April
Location: Squad Room
Timeline: 04 APR 2019, 13:00

"301 Justice," Kevin called, via his radio as he pulled into the parking lot. "I'll be at headquarters available."

"Justice received," the dispatcher responded.

Two of the platoon's officers were at court this morning and had not been present for the morning briefing and had been mistakenly left off the operations plan. When they arrived at headquarters to go on the road dispatch called him for assignments and he elected to return and see them.

One of the officers on overtime had elected to go home and so one of the officers would be replacing him.

Kevin parked his car in the duty supervisor slot near the door into the squad room. He got out and locked the car leaving it running as he went into the work area for the patrol division.

"Hey guys, how was court?" he asked, as he approached the two officers joining in the day late.

"It wasn't too terrible." Travis said, waving. "A little entertaining at the end. When the judge said order the defendant asked for a sandwich." He chuckled

Ana gave Travis a quick glance before turning her attention to the court, "Entertaining would be one way to look at it yes," She crossed her arms over her chest. "Smart ass defendant..." Ana muttered under her breath.

"Assignments sir?" She asked next trying to deflect away from the events in court.

"Sir?" Kevin asked, looking at Ana skeptically.

Ana realized what she said almost immediately after saying it and the questioning glance made her feel slightly flushed. "I apologize force of habit," She commented. "Military and all..." She shook her head slowly.

"What is my assigned route today?" Ana corrected herself, but the bite of embarrassment seemed incapable of departing her.

Travis kind of grinned.

"Alright Travis," he said, "Officer Thomas should be out back with 322. He's going home so you can take over his unit and you'll be the East car. Make sure you check out the opsplan on the portal before you put yourself in service"

"322. East car. Gotcha." Travis nodded. "I'll check the ops plan before I pull out." He said

"You can take 317 and you'll be citywide," Kevin said to Ana. "Again make sure you check the ops plan."

Ana nodded, "Check the ops plan got it," She said after making mental notes about her assigned car and route. Ana turned around, "I'll look at the ops plan before departing in my car," She stated after coming to a stop, and then continued onward.

"Be safe," he said as they departed. Kevin thought the Navy chick was a bit weird but then again if she wasn't weird she'd want to be in the Coast Guard.


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