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Movin' In

Posted on 06 Jul 2019 @ 00:32 by Investigator Simon North & Investigator Alice Dubois

Mission: April
Location: Simon's Home
Timeline: April 2, 2019

Simon loved his brother Steven more than almost anyone in the world but living his apartment for the past four months had caused a strain in their relationship. The apartment was a two-bedroom, but neither bedroom was particularly large and Steven had been using them both before Simon had moved in. The slightly larger one was where he slept and the other had been his office. At 5'10" Simon wasn't a particularly large man but the sofa sleeper in the sparebedroom was decidedly uncomfortable nonetheless.

Then there was the fact that Simon was a morning person whereas Steven was a night owl. This difference was compounded by the fact that at least once a week Steven had an overnight guest. These guests and his brother didn't come to listen to Mozart or discuss philosophy or politics. They were there for very different reasons.

The good news for everyone was that Simon had closed on his new for him house the previous Friday and he had used the weekend to move. Steve and Roy, Steves favor of the week, had even helped him.

The only thing missing was a bed. Simon had checked online and talked to a couple of his new pals at the police department and everyone agreed that Farmer's Furniture was the best store. So, he was planning to go there right after breakfast.

He got on his 2017 Ninja 650 ABS KRT edition and headed over to Saint Simmons Island to check out Palm Coast Coffee. He wasn't that much of a coffee drinker, but he'd heard they had really good food.

He found a place to park and stepped inside.

Despite very much being committed to her Netflix and Chill alone plan for the day, only an hour or so already made it clear that wasn't really going to be an option today. No, she was going to need to actually be a productive member of society and go buy some things. It was that which found her walking by Palm Coast Coffee, while there she figured she might as well grab a cup. Dressed in a black leather pencil skirt and white short-sleeved summer blouse with black 5-inch heels she walked inside she noticed the place was fairly busy for the time of day, that's how she liked the place. Filled by people and allowing her to hide in the masses.

Working out her order in her head, Alice joined the line only to notice a familiar face. North had joined the department only a few months prior and while her first day with Investigations was yet to begin they had still met a few times. Brunswick wasn't too small but small enough that most in the police department knew each other

"Investigator North" She addressed the man somewhat nervously, while at this point she had the same rank and job it would take some time for her to actually get used to that reality.

Simon had been a little preoccupied deciding just what he wanted for breakfast and had just decided on the Shrimp Fritta when he heard someone call his name. He gave her a warm smile as he turned and recognized her, "Well good morning there Investigator Dubois, how are y'all doing today? Would ya like to join me for breakfast?"

"Jetlagged but otherwise well, how about you?" Alice replied with a smile. "I guess I'm still getting used to that title, but I'd love to join you"

He finished placing his order and pointed to a table in the corner, "I'm sitting over there, I'll wait for ya to get yore stuff and we can walk back there together. I think you'll like being an investigator and I bet you'd be good at it."

Alice blushed slightly at the compliment. "Thank you, I really hope so," she said before Simon walked away. "Honey ham croissant and a latte macchiato, please" she ordered after he had left. After paying and receiving the order she walked to the table and sat down on the opposite end, "I take it you're here for some shopping too?"

"Yeah, I've been living with my brother the past few months, you know the attorney? Anyway, I just moved into my own house. I've pretty much got everything, except a bed. What are you looking for?"

"Ah Stephen, how is he doing anyway?" Alice replied, smiling, before taking a sip from her latte. "Pretty much the same, now the divorce is being finalized I've moved into my new house and need to still basically buy everything except for the bed and the pool that came with it. Worth the effort to be away from that bastard though"

"Stephen is well being Stephen. I love him, but it's hard keeping with all the strays<.i> he brings home. I'm glad I'm movin' out. As far as yore situation is concerned, I don't know all the details, but I know enough. Yore better off without him."

He took a bite of his food and after chewing and swallowing said, "You want to do some shopping together?"

"Thank you, I agree. It hurt like hell at first but thinking back of it that marriage had become a one-way street for a very long time" she said in between bites from her croissant. "Sounds good, I always have trouble picking so someone to help me actually decide would be nice"

"Yeah, I could use a hand myself. I was plainin' on tryin' Farmers first, but if you want to go someplace else that's okay with me. What did you have in mind?"

"Farmer's sounds good to me, you have to start somewhere," Alice said with a grin.

"Yep, ya do," Simon said as he finished his food "I'm ready when you are."

Alice nodded as she drank the last bit of latte left in her glass. "Ready!"

After disposing of their trash, they left the restaurant. Simon followed her to the store on his bike. Climbing off of his motorcycle, he tied the helmet to the handles and walked over to her vehicle running his hand through his hair to finger comb it.

"Driving a little fast weren't you?' he asked faux seriously.

"Oh no Officer, whatever will you do to me?" Alice teased him as she stepped out of the car.

"Oh, a ticket at the very least," he joked back, "I might even have to slap the handcuffs on ya'll."

"I like your thinking" Alice replied, now noticing some people had begun staring as they may have been a bit too loud. "Tough crowd."

He'd made his comment simply to be funny, not realizing it could have been taken as intended, certainly some of the crowd in the parking lot had recognized it before he had. That combined with a stray, unprofessional thought caused him to blush slightly.

"Yeah, sometimes my mouth runs before I engage my mind. Maybe we should go inside and just leave them wondering.'

"Probably a good plan" Alice replied with a smile as she turned towards the entrance of the store.

As the stepped inside they were greeted by a slightly over-weight man with graying hair wearing a light blue seersucker suit.

"Howdy," he said in a booming voice heavy with a Southern accent, "welcome to Farmers. What brings you to Farmers, are you newlyweds?"

Alice smiled at the greeter. "Thank you, but no we're just friends and co-workers. I've had my fill of marriages for a while"

The clerk gave them a dubious look, which quickly disappeared If he was making assumptions and judging them, he was keeping it to himself. After all, he worked on commission.

"Well what are you looking for?" he asked with only slightly less volume than before.

"I'm looking for a bed, mattress and bedroom set," Simon said, "what about you Alice?"

"Pretty much everything still, but for now the biggest priority is a bed and mattress as well" Alice replied.

"Well, then I guess we better start there. You want to follow me?"

The two walked with the salesman to the back or the store where there were about twenty Queen -size mattresses lined up against the wall that ranged from extra firm to a plush pillow top. In the very corner of the room were two, old fashioned, waterbeds."

"Which one of you would like to go first?" he asked.

Simon pointed to Alice, "How 'bout ladies first?" he asked.

"Pretty sure that's not supposed to apply to the bedroom" Alice teased while stepping forward. "But sure, I'll go first"

The salesman, whose nametag read Charlie, asked, "Do you like your mattress firm, soft, or in between, and did you have a price point in mind?"

"In between honestly, price isn't really much of a concern. As long as I wake up well rested' Alice replied.

"Well, then you can't beat a Helix, as long as you don't mind a bit of a wait. I've got a sample over here if you'd like to try it. But, what makes this unique and causes the wait time is that you fill out a questionnaire, and they custom make the mattress for you for maximum comfort. If you have a partner, their side can be customized as well. I think that will more than accomplish what you want The Queen size is just under $1,000 and the King $2,000."

"That would take about ten days. If you're a side sleeper and don't want to wait, I'd suggest the Purple mattress it's a medium firm and has a decent warranty and is about the same price."

"Would you like to try one of those, or were you thinking something more traditional like a Simmons or a Sealy?"

As Alice listened to the man speak her eyes steadily became glassy. How could someone know so much about mattresses? "Eh, I guess the first one you mentioned in king size"

"Right this way," he said leading the two of them to a set of mattresses on the opposite wall. " Why don't you lay down on this one right here. I know, the two of you are not together, but would you like him to lay down on the other side?"

Alice looked at Simon for a moment, this salesman sure seemed to want both of them in one bed together. "Eh, sure I guess"

Simon cut his gaze between the salesman and Alice and shrugged his shoulders and made a show out of rolling his eyes. Then very carefully, making sure he was well on his side of the bed laid down.

"No, you go ahead and lay down on the other side the salesman encouraged. He can move around as much as he wants and you won't feel a thing."

"That one is a medium firm, tell me what you think?"

Alice somewhat reluctantly lay down on the assigned side. "I guess I like it," she said somewhat uncomfortable by the situation.

Simon, for his part, was equally uncomfortable and quickly rolled off the bed.

"I...I'm sorry," stammered the salesman noticing that both of his prospective customers were looking like they wanted to head to the door. "Do you think that's the one you want, or would you like to try a different one. By yourself?"

Alice got up quickly and saw the dread in the salesman's face, she felt bad for the guy. Things clearly had not gone as he'd planned. "No this one is good, I'll buy it"

Her remark caused his demeanor to change, his face brightened. "Perfect, what else can I do for you?"

Alice turned towards her colleague. "I guess that's the point where you buy something"

Simon nodded his head in agreement.

After another forty-five more minutes of giving and take, both Simon and Alice had made their selections were promised their choices would be delivered and were ready to depart.

"Well, that was an interesting morning," Simon said, "would you like to get some lunch?"

Alice smiled. "You can sure say that I'd love to but there are some other things I need to get done today. Rain cheque?"

"Of course, I'm sure we'll see each other at the office. I'm going to go grab a quick lunch and go home and wait for them to deliver my stuff."


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