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Posted on 05 Jun 2019 @ 19:59 by Investigator Alice Dubois

Mission: April
Location: Alice's Home
Timeline: April 2, 2019 13:45

"Mom, you know Brunswick is my home now and as great as going back to Paris was, that isn't changing" Alice responded at the inanimate Macbook screen in front of her. She had only gotten back home for a few hours when her mom had Facetimed already to check up and urge that Alice would be off so much better in any place other than the town she shared with the bastard that had cheated on her.

"I know you like it there, but your father talked to some of his friends and they still have a job for you in the Gendarmerie. You don't have to stay there" Her mother responded from the other side of the conversation, giving the effort one final push. Even though she knew it was well beyond a lost cause.

"Tell dad I love him but no, and you know how stubborn I am" Alice replied with a smile.

"That is true, you really are your father's daughter there, how many free days do you have left?" Her mom said, opting to change the subject.

"Just a few more days, just enough time to settle in and get some of the unpacking done. Thanks for the loan by the way, as soon as the settlement goes through and i get my new Investigator's pay I'll work on paying it back" Alice said before taking a sip of red wine.

"Don't worry, honey. You just focus on settling down, and you know your father and I still want to give it to you as a gift."

"I know mom, but I'm good. I do have to go now, talk more tomorrow?" She said as she moved her hand to the button to close the call.

"Sounds good, honey. Be careful"

"Thanks mom, you too and good night" She concluded upon which she closed the call and finished the glass of wine. As she looked around the dining room was full of boxes. Perhaps in an effort to really get the message through to Mark she had spared no expense to find her new home, and this time it truly was her own. Not that she was going to be in a position to jointly buy a home anytime soon again, longterm relationships had certainly lost their virtue in her eyes. Dogs were a much better investment in both loyalty and attention

"Not today, Alice, not today." She said to herself as she looked over the boxes, she was too jetlagged to start on that right now. Unpacking would happen eventually, probably. Instead she moved over to the living room to catch up on some of the new seasons on Netflix she had missed instead. Work would begin soon enough so she figured she might as well enjoy the time left.


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