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Procrastinate Now, Don't Put it Off Part 1

Posted on 09 Jun 2019 @ 21:26 by Investigator Alice Dubois & Police Officer Tara Hansen

Mission: April
Location: Cellphone Conversation
Timeline: 1 APR 2019, 1048

Tara got the dog situated in her car and pulled out of the pot heading towards home. She looked at the time and the temperature outside. She decided that there was better things to do than head home. So she’d head there but for a quick change and going off to the beach. She hit the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel to call one of her good friends from the department, “Call Alice Dubois.”

Alice had just finished some of the unpacking when she heard her phone vibrating at some distance, after grabbing it and seeing who was calling she immediately accepted the call. "Hey, Tara, what's up?"

"Heading to my place," she said. Tara didn't live in Brunswick she lived in St. Simons just a few blocks walk from the beach. "I was wondering if you'd want to come hang out for a bit. I know you're unpacking but thought you could use some procrastination opportunity. I even borrowed a puppy."

"You had me at I already but the puppy definitely makes it even more interesting" Alice replied jokingly. "Perhaps go to the beach?" she added while sitting down on the couch next to her.

"That's what I'm hoping," she said. "You want me to pick you up or you wanna meet me at home?" she asked.

"I'll meet you there!" Alice replied excitedly

"Great see you then!"

After ending the call Alice got back up again and walked upstairs to the master bedroom. Opening her closet there was plenty to choose from, in the end the decided on a black bandage one piece swimsuit with a denim skirt and tank top over it. After arming the alarm she walked out of her home and into the car. "Siri, give me directions to Tara's house" she instructed the digital assistant as she started the car and began driving. After a rather short and quick drive she parked the car near Tara's house before walking to the front door and ringing the bell.

Tara lived in a small one bedroom house that used to belong to her Aunt before she had passed away. It was perfect for her though and not a large yard to take care of most of which was covered in gardens her Aunt had planted. She actually even paid one of the local guys to take care of the gardens for her as she was convinced she'd just kill everything.

"You got here faster than I thought," Tara said, as she opened the door. "I haven't even gotten ready yet. Come make yourself at home, something to drink?" she asked.

"What can I say, the beach is my home and puppies make me go even faster," Alice said enthusiastically as she stepped inside. She liked Tara's house, it was nice and cozy and at least every room was actually being used rather than waiting for a purpose. "A glass of water would be great, thank you"

"Of course," Tara said, heading into the kitchen. While she had always tried to portray the tom-boy and was not very domestically inclined outside of the kitchen she was a huge foodie. Her family had been in the food and hospitality business for ages and so when in the kitchen she was almost a different person. "Strawberry okay?" she asked, opening the fridge and pulling out a glass pitcher with water, strawberry, and some basil floating in it.

"Definitely," Alice said as she joined Tara in the kitchen. "So, did I miss anything good while I was on vacation?"

"Not particularly," Tara said. She placed the pitcher on the counter and pulled two glasses out of the cabinet before pouring them each a glass. "Sergeant Carson retired so now we are sergeant-less on the patrol side. Which makes sense with the Sergeant's exam results coming out soon. My money is on Kevin, you?" she asked.

Alice took a sip from her glass as she listened to Tara. "Tough to say" She responded. "I've definitely loved it whenever he was in charge temporarily so he'd be great for it. I just hope the brass recognizes it. He definitely deserves the promotion."

"He is a favorite of the Chief, I don't think it'll be a problem. He's quiet though, I'm not sure what the brass thinks about that."

Just then Quill came into the kitchen and looked up at Alice, tilting his head. He hadn't recognized this new human.

"He was passed out on my bedroom floor, I'm surprised he woke up so soon. His name is Quill."

"Hey there Quill" she said as she knelt down besides the dog and began petting him. "I love him" she said with a smile. Due to her sister's allergies they never had pets in Alice's home and it was definitely something she regretted from her childhood. Alice was an animal lover through and through and had already begun looking for rescues to take home for some companionship. "Yeah he definitely needs to speak up."

"It would be helpful," she agreed. She placed the pitcher back in the fridge and then took both glasses handing one out to Alice before taking a sip of her own. "Quill is very sweet I might not let Swiggert take him back."

"At this point I am seriously considering a felony and am not sure you're even getting this good boy back yourself" Alice joked, clearly a lot happier now than even when she walked into the home initially.

"Well, we can share him... I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have any long term lives to be responsible for anyway."

Being slightly off balance already, the laughing very nearly made her fall over. She quickly regained her standing and petted Quill one more time before standing up again. "So today I found out my new badge number. They gave me 69" She said with the most serious face possible while internally almost breaking out into laughter.

"Sounds like your new Captain has you pegged pretty good," Tara said, before laughing herself. "How are you ever going to keep yourself under control? Three-four-two, justice in service with shield six-nine."

"Hey now, rude" Alice replied playfully at the first comment with a laugh "Forget me being under control, imagine arresting a perp and having to show them that badge. I'm already blushing just thinking of it."

"Somehow I doubt they even notice the number," she said, with a grin. "But I'll know you always have a little sixty-nine in your pocket."

"You've clearly never performed a traffic stop on a sovereign shitizen. It's bad enough they have an accent to direct their anger to already" Alice replied with a smile before taking a gulp of water. "So if Kevin makes Sergeant. I guess we're going to need a new Corporal. You ever think of pursuing his old job?"

"I don't think so... I keep getting bothered by picking a path in the department thing but I really don't know what I want. The marine unit looks fun though."

"Take it from someone who spent years happy where they were. You do need to think of your future, you can't be a Patrol Officer forever but if you let opportunities slip you may eventually have no choice. If you want to join the Marine unit though, an old classmate from the Academy is pretty high up there. I'm sure I could put in a good word for you" Alice said, standing back against the countertop.


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